5 Steps to Small Business Bookkeeping + Growth

The following 5 Steps ensures that we achieve our promise of not just 100% accurate accounts but also helping you grow your bottom line.

In turn, each of these steps has its own step by step system. For more information on these subsystems, contact us.

Step 1 – Week 1 – Bookkeeping Onboarding and Commencement including discussion of best Bookkeeping Platform or Software to suit your needs.

Step 2 – Week 3 – Business Investigation Phase – we review the important aspects of your business against leading edge ideas and concepts including the Star Principle, Simplified SMART Objectives, Getting Great Staff and Getting the Best Out of Them, Systems and Marketing.

Step 3 – Week 6 – Small Business Growth & Management Report includes:

  • Owner Objectives,
  • Where you stand against the Star Principle,,
  • Business Objectives,
  • Key Financials including P&L and KPI’s,
  • Enhanced Recruitment and Performance,
  • Systems Development Format,
  • target market,
  • small business USP,
  • customer service focus
  • Google Ranking,
  • Social Media presence.

Step 4- Each Month – 1 Page Financial and Metrics Report – delivered to your inbox, provides an outline of results against the above key figures (including online marketing presence and ratings) and acts as an agenda for your monthly meetings and next month’s action plan.

Step 5- Week 8 – Explanation of Unique Referral System and implementation if applicable.

For further information on our Executive Bookkeeping, contact us on [email protected] or 1800 distil (1800 347 845).