An iPhone App That Increases Your Productivity and Is Fun

Up until now my use of the iPhone voice recognition app (called Siri) has been sporadic but I just discovered a function which enables easy learning about all the things that Siri can do for you.

The 3 second steps below enable you to see a list of all the things you can do with Siri.

From there its a matter of playing around with

Step 1 – Activate Siri by holding the Home button for slightly longer than usual. You will see the following:

Step 2 – Say ‘options’ and you will see the following (shown as 3 separate images due to their length):

Step 3 – If you click on any of the above categories, it will show more options. For example if you click on the Reminders one it give the following further examples:

My next step?

There is an old saying “Do something different for 30 days and it will become a habit”.

So, my next step is to remind myself at 7pm each night (using Siri to set the reminder of course) to do 5 minutes practice on Siri, beginning with the category that I suspect I will use most – maybe reminders or email or messages.

I suspect that when used to its fullest extent, Siri will add significantly to my productivity.

PS Im not sure who programmed Siri but they did it with a sense of humour. While your learning Siri, have a little fun with it by asking a few out of the box questions . If you are stuck, start with “Am I your friend?” and let your creative juices flow from there.

Its a scream

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