We believe that work
should be fun and help you grow



We aren’t big yet, but we‘ve got BIG dreams


Full Time But Flexible Hours

Our style of doing things means that even if you’re working full-time, you’ll still be able to do the things you love to do outside of work. That’s because we work with flexible schedules and hours – you won’t just beat the traffic, you’ll also beat monotony, too!


Make An Impact

Nothing beats the fulfilment of knowing that the things you do have a purpose. In the case of working with Small Business Authority, that means making a mark on small businesses by helping them reach their full potential. With SBA, you can take part in turning even the most challenging cases into success stories. It sure beats endless paperwork with no tangible results in sight, doesn’t it?

Freedom From the Daily Grind and Traffic

We know that calmer heads are more productive heads. Work with us, and you’ll be able to avoid some of the most common stress sources for hard workers. Beat the traffic rush and the stress of having to wake up extra early just to get to work on time.


An International Team

In order to provide our clients with the best output, we pick only the most qualified and dedicated professionals from all over the world. We don’t just let anyone in! Enjoy the company and camaraderie that come with working with talented, intelligent and lively people who are into the work as much as you are.

Wear Whatever You Want to Work

You don’t have to take great pains just to look or feel professional when you work with us. As we’ve already said earlier, you can choose to work from home, a library, your favourite café – wherever you want, as long as you deliver solid output. That means you can wear pretty much anything you want, too!


Relaxed, Fun International Environment

Working with an international team also means getting the best out of each team member’s values and work ethic. By selecting only the best candidates in order to deliver the best in business advisory, management and bookkeeping services, Small Business Authority also develops a work culture that is both relaxing and professional. Thus, clients have come to expect only the highest level of quality from SBA.

Good Money

There’s a good deal of money involved in what we do, and SBA ensures that you get exactly what’s right for you. We offer decent and competitive rates – trust us, you’ll be well-compensated for your efforts.


Opportunity To Grow With The Business

Working with the best people on the planet means learning from them, too. In our minds, that’s the best way to grow professionally. Of course, as SBA grows, you will, too. Opportunities await you, whether you expect them or not.


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