Your Cloud Based HR System – Going Beyond the Usual

“Its easy to employ people. What’s not easy is (1) getting the best person; and (2) having a system that ensures your employees meet your business objectives and you meet all the other employment requirements (like payroll, legals, etc).”

Benefits of Our Service

  • Business Objectives Driven – Your HR is driven by your business objectives (and not the other way around)
  • Getting Great People – Attract and retain high quality Team Members with minimal time and effort
  • Individual SMART Objectives – Get crystal clear on each Team Members Simplified SMART Objectives
  • Weekly Reporting – Organise for Team Members to report each week against their objectives
  • Self Appraisals – Get your employees to do their appraisals as they go rather than wait until the 6 or 12 monthly review
  • Taking Quick Action – Easily see what’s not being achieved and take action
  • Legals – Ensure you are meeting legal obligations (with help from legal partners)
  • Culture – Develop your desired culture
  • Admin – Meeting all admin requirements including Payroll, Super, etc
  • Contracts – Cover confidentiality and restraint of trade (again with legal help)
  • Finishing Up – Be clear on your critical action when an employee leaves
  • Doing It Again – Develop your internal systems so you can easily replicate the above

Option 1 – DIY HR

  1. Before they Start – Recruitment
    • The Get-the-Ideal-Person Recruitment System
    • Job Descriptions for Many Positions (new ones added each month)
    • Simplified SMART Objectives for each Job Description
    • Simplified SMART Objectives Developer
    • Employment Contracts for Your Lawyers
  2. When They Start – Contracts & Induction
    • Induction System
    • Grievance Policy
    • Promises Document
    • Remuneration System
    • Paperwork for Employees
  3. After They Start – Performance
    • Cloud Based Performance Management, Appraisal & Reporting System
    • Free Trial of Cloud Based Payroll Function (Xero)
  4. Optional – Cloud based payroll service available at additional cost

Option 2 – Assisted HR

  1. Before they Start – Recruitment
    • Drafting Job Descriptions
    • Drafting Simplified SMART Objectives
    • Drafting Employment Ads
    • Screening Candidates
    • First Interviews and Profiling
  2. When They Start – Contracts & Induction
    • Drafting Your Personal Induction System
    • Drafting Your Grievance Policy
    • Drafting Your Promises Document
    • Drafting Your Remuneration System
  3. After They Start – Performance
    • Setting Up Your Cloud Based Performance Management & Review System
    • Monthly One Hour Phone Conference

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