Free Money Making Website in 5 Steps

“Everyone has had that experience of visiting a website and not knowing where to look. Don’t make that same mistake with your website”

Step 1 – Purpose – Understand The Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make With Websites (STRONGLY SUGGESTED)

Read this blog post.

Step 2 – Register Your Domain and Website Hosting (COMPULSORY)

Before your website can go live, you need to get domain website hosting:

 Provider – Use any provider but we recommend: GoDaddy – low price + great service

  1. Domain & Website Hosting – initially start with cheapest options, then later decide if you need to upgrade
  2. Business Email (Optional) – Web hosting includes Business Email hosting. So you can now set up your business emails (eg [email protected]; [email protected] ) Set them up now and then include them in your website, etc. Once set up, your provider will be able to step you through set-up on all your devices.
  3. Login Details – record your login details because you will need them in Step 5

Step 3 – Understand Our Money Making Websites  (COMPULSORY)

Check out the site below. Notice:

  • they look good and have one purpose only – getting potential customers to take the action you want.
  • They clearly explain the Point of Difference (eg Free 5 Step Assessment) and Value Propositions (see Bullet Points)
  • They have Left Column and Right Columns
  • You will see an image. This could also be a video
  • They are simple and can be set up in 24 hours
  • They automatically change shape for mobile users – called ‘responsive’

Step 4 – Find Somebody to Design Your Logo (OPTIONAL)

Provider – find a designer to do this for you if you choose. We use 99 Designs – fast and affordable with lots of designs to choose from.

If you don’t provide a logo at this stage, we will use your business name (or initials) eg:


If you then decide to design your logo later, you can just send your designer a link to your website and they will have a good brief to work with.

Step 5 – Provide the Following Information – and Your Website Will Be Live in 24 Business Hours  (COMPULSORY)

IMPORTANT – The information you provide will be copied into your website. After you Submit, any single text or images changes will incur a $27 fee. We suggest you TRIPLE check for spelling errors.


Contact Person:*
Who should we contact about your website
Email address for above person


Left Column
1. Your Logo (Optional):
360 max x110 max pixels
2. Image or Youtube Video:*
An image (508 x 269 max pixels) or a Youtube Video
3. Headline:*
A headline that speaks to your prospective customers and will grab their attention. What makes you different from your competitors. Start with "Would You Like to....." (100-150 characters)
4. Intro Paragraph:*
One paragraph that introduces your services (100-200 characters)
5. 4 Bullet Points Benefits:
That outline your Value Propositions - think qualifications, experience, etc. 50-100 Characters
  • Benefit 1:*
  • Benefit 2:*
  • Benefit 3:*
  • Benefit 4:*
6. Contact Details:
The contact details you want to show on your website.
  • Name:*
  • Address:*
  • City:*
  • State:*
  • Postcode:*
  • Phone:*
  • Email:*
Right Column
1. Call to Action Top Right:*
The call to action you want visitors to take - do you want them to call or email you (50-100 Characters)
2. Contact Form - First Paragraph*
Text for the Contact Form (50-100 Characters)
3. Contact Form - Second Paragraph*
(50-100 Characters)
4. Text Below Contact Form:*
More information on why people should buy from you or 2 short testimonials.(500-1000 Characters)

Please fill all required fields above.

Once you provide all the above details, we will deliver your website in 24 business hours.

Can We Help With The Above Information?

Unfortunately, we don't currently provide that service. We may expand into offering this at a later stage, our current focus is on generating more customers for your business.