Is There Any Difference Between SMART Goals and SMART Objectives?

Many people use terms like SMART goals, objectives and outcomes without being clear on what they mean.

Getting clear on these terms is critical to your understanding of the concepts and communication with your team members.

At Small Business Authority, we use the terms goals, objectives and outcomes to mean exactly the same thing – the specific results that a small business, division or individual seeks to attain

So, in our language (and that of many others) SMART goals and SMART objectives appear to mean the same thing.

We recommend that you get clear on what you mean by each of the above terms and communicate that to your team.

More information on how we assist small businesses in setting and managing SMART goals and objectives.

2 thoughts on “Is There Any Difference Between SMART Goals and SMART Objectives?

  1. Jemma

    It’s always confusing when websites and blogs make up their own terms. It means the rest of us may miss the point due to thinking a term means one thing when the blogger meant another. It’s good that you outline what you mean by terms so nobody is confused.

  2. francis woods

    After reading your post, I suppose we do interchange a lot of words that aren’t really the same and we can try all day to figure out what someone is talking about, but we might still get it wrong and not understand them at all.


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