Internet Marketing Manager or Officer – Job Description and Next Step

Report to – Marketing Manager

About Our Objectives

  1. We set objectives based on Wildest Dreams but measure performance based on changes from the past.
  2. Reference to ‘usual time’ is 72 business hours unless otherwise agreed. Business hours does not include weekends or public holidays.

Responsibilities and Objectives

Note that much of the work done here can be outsourced. However, the responsibility for the below will rest with you.

  1. In time, double Online Gross Profit After Costs from our 6 websites, including:

    Most revenue comes from top 2 below:

    1a. By 31 November, Internet Marketing Strategy has been developed including review of targets. (We already have a list of possible projects but you will need to add your ideas and review priorities).

    1b. By 28 February 2013, we have doubled Online Gross Profit After Marketing Costs from all sites (shooting for the stars).

  2. Organise website changes for purpose other than the above (eg Thank You Page changes)

    2a. Within agreed timeframes, changes have been made.

  3. Website Hosting, Performance and Security

    3a. Uptime – By end Dec 13, we have experienced 100% (expected is 99.9%) uptime for the previous 4 months.
    3b. Backup – Ongoing, the latest website files and data are always available to us in storage separate from our hosting facility.
    3c. Copies – Ongoing, all previous versions of website images are stored for future reference.

    [We already have relationships with Indian and Php based developers but you will be responsible for guiding them and they will report to you.]

  4. New websites for trialling new channels or products

    4a. Within agreed timeframes, new websites have been set up for trialling purposes. Agreed means agreed between us.

  5. Provide input into overall Marketing Strategy, technical issues (eg Infusionsoft), other marketing initiatives, supply of Online Marketing Services to our clients.

    5a. Within agreed timeframe, to best of ability, input has been provided. Expertise is no expected./p>

  6. Broad Company Issues

    6a. Within agreed timeframe, input into broader company issues has been provided
    6b. Ongoing, other general company policies as provided are being followed

  7. Budget/Cashflow

    7a. Initially, no spend of more than $200 without approval

  8. Communication

    8a. Weekly and monthly Self assessment of performance in accordance with Policy as provided
    8b. Ongoing, Advice to Manager of any major issues of which the Manager should be aware
    8c. Within 24 hours, respond to emails or phone messages even if its to say “I can’t respond until…”
    8d. Ongoing, approval from Marketing Manager (currently Joe) before any ad or website changes made. (Overtime we will reassess this but in the meantime it will enable us to ensure that we are not overpromising on what we can deliver and also not breaching any laws)

  9. Other Projects

    9a. Other projects as agreed.

Next Step?

We need your help in deciding whether we should take you through to the next round.

What we need you to do is to take 10-15 minutes to answer a quick question.

Success Example – Give us one example of how you have made improvements in internet marketing results for a business. (Please include screenshot showing actual results achieved, eg Analytics, sales or profit figures, SEO rankings, etc)

Please send your above answer, CV and anything else you want to tell us to [email protected]