Tell Them About Your Business Through a Flyer or Brochure

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

Brochures and flyers come in all different shapes and sizes; however, the principle is the same. When you hand a brochure or flyer to a potential client, you are placing a snapshot of your business in their hand.

Tell Me More. Tell Me More.

The importance of a brochure or flyer for your business does not rely on it’s shape or size, but the information that it carries. They carry an amount of information that no other single marketing document can carry.

The size you choose will depend on your needs (letterbox drops, trade shows, countertop displays).

What Should You Include in Your Brochures/Flyers?

Consider including:

  • Your logo
  • Photos of your product
  • General information about your service
  • A map of your premises, testimonials
  • Price guides
  • Relevant contact details
  • Most importantly, the benefits of your services and/or products

Need a Quick, Cheap Distribution Tool?

Then you probably need a standard DL Marketing Flyer (195mm x 87mm). These little gems are nice and cheap but by no means nasty – they do their job well.

What Are They?

Marketing Flyers are specially sized products that keep the proportions of regular paper sizes but are smaller. They are often used for dropping in letterboxes and countertop display boxes. Marketing Flyers offer greatvalue for money because of their smaller size.


From $199 + GST you can get 500 one sided black & white DL flyers designed and delivered to your door.

Go fancy and get 500 double sided full colour beauties, designed, printed and delivered from $377 + GST

Super-size me  with the the next size up (245mm x 175mm). Designed, printed and delivered from $437 + GST

Want Bigger and Brighter?

Then there are A4 brochures and flyers. These come in 3 standard designs:

  • A4 Single Sided. Design from $97 + GST; print and deliver 500 from $330 + GST
  • A4 Double Sided. Design from $150 + GST; print and deliver 500 from $450 + GST 
  • A4 Tri-fold. Design from $204 + GST; print, fold and deliver 500 from $490 + GST

There’s More

Other marketing materials such as invoice books, postcards, stickers and magnets are also available. Ask us today about your print needs.

Make It Happen 

You give us the copy, additional information and graphics and we will design, print and deliver. Alllow 7-10 days for print once you have approved your artwork.

Fine Print

Print prices based on various stocks we think are best suited to the product, once we know your needs we can confirm other stock options if need be and associated prices.

Show me

Just let us know if you would like to see some flyer and brochure samples.

Next Step?

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