New Small Business Marketing Strategy

If you are not generating the revenue you would like – or just want to grow further – you need a complete Marketing Strategy

Our new online tool enables small business owners and managers to develop a strategy by just answering a series of questions online.

Many small businesses think that marketing is creativity or good looking ads – or such like.

But like all other aspects of business, the key to marketing is to have a systematic step by step system

The strategy reflects our SBA Marketing System with the following steps:

  1. Target Markets – describe your target market as specifically as possible. Many new business owners worry about losing potential customers and make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people. Don’t make this mistake. Narrow your target market.
    1. Demographics (eg Age, Gender, Geography, Income, Education, Work, Family)
    2. Specific Problem
    3. Specific Niche
  2. USP – this is your Unique Selling Proposition. What is it that set you apart from your competitors? Note the word ‘unique’. This needs to be something that nobody else is offering. For example, your USP can’t be ‘great service’ because all your competitors would say the same thing and its therefore not unique. Even ‘best service’ is probably not unique. But what if you said “our service is so good that we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back”. OK, now your getting there. The whole point of this is to stand out from the crowd and you do that by being unique. Include as many USP’s as possible.
    1. What Are You Selling – Yourself, Service, Product, System
    2. Whats Your Unique Angle (Unique benefit, features, track record, presentation, method, level of quality, level of customization, experience, bundle, pricing or payment plan?)
    3. Negative Promise. (This doesn’t have, contain, include, cost, waste, consume, result in, involve or require)
    4. Timeframe. (Positive outcomes that happen before or after..; Negative outcomes that won’t happen before or after…)
    5. An “Or Else”. (We’ll refund, replace, redo, pay)
  3. Image – this is about your brand. Unlike what some experts say, we dont regard your brand as being everything; but we do regard it as being important.
  4. Marketing Materials. What materials will you need in terms of websites, flyers, business cards etc?
  5. Lead Generation – how will people get to know about your business? In the online world, this is also known as ‘traffic’. There are generally 3 types of lead generation – Advertising, Referrals (or Word of Mouth) and Public Relations. Describe under each of these what you intend to do and what your call to action will be, eg buy now online, email us, call, etc.
    1. Advertising Ideas (Include phrases that people might google)
    2. Referrals
    3. Public Relations
  6. Lead Conversion – once you get a lead, how are you going to convert that lead? Do you need systems for answering phone calls, responding to emails, etc.
  7. Objectives and Measurement – set out specific objectives for the next 3 months – include both tasks and targets
  8. Next Actions Steps – what are your next action steps
  9. Receive a copy of this Strategy

Joe Bowers

More on our Small Business Marketing Strategy Developer

6 thoughts on “New Small Business Marketing Strategy

  1. Janet Deckard

    Great steps to follow and something I can really understand. I have #4 in place and now it is a matter of developing #1 & #2 and moving forward. This article is something I can keep referring back to as I move through this process and it is a great help. Thank you so much for this valuable information.

  2. Susan Thomas

    There is so much to learn and remember and this is why I have always had a hard time with my small businesses. I have a great mind for startups but putting it all together and actually doing it is another thing. Great article and it is nice to have this type of information on the internet to reach out to.

  3. Christopher White

    Awesome tips in this post. I’ve always struggled with picking a target market. Time to put this into action I think!

  4. Erica L

    Great step by step way to break down the marketing process! Do you have any specific tips on how to generate leads or would you recommend that I build a budget and hire a professional to help me out? I really want my business to take off, but I’m afraid my marketing abilities are holding me back! Any tips would help!

  5. Noni

    I agree that it’s important to know your target market. You hear so many horror stories about people investing money into a business and they have no idea who they are marketing to. This is the most important thing. Until you know your customer, then you can’t possibly have a good business plan and there is a chance you may lose your hard earned money.

  6. jon terns

    What would you say is the best way to generate solid leads that have a better chance of conversion? I have tried a lot of ways in the best and some of those “guaranteed” methods online that don’t seem to ever work and I need some direction.


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