Small Business Now Needs to Get Involved in SEO

Adam Stetzer makes a great point here.

Its now really important that small business owners take an active role in helping their SEO consultants to understand their target market and their brand position.

Adam doesn’t say it but equally true is that fact that in selecting your SEO consultant, you need to find someone who is willing to listen and engage with this discussion. If their not willing to do that, then they could we will be using outdated practices that just won’t wok medium term.

2 thoughts on “Small Business Now Needs to Get Involved in SEO

  1. Renae

    SEO is always an ongoing concern. Keeping up with google’s search changes can take up so much time, but you surely notice when they have changed it and your income drops. Staying with the same SEO strategy after such a drop is a bad decision. Keep moving forward and remember that you can get on top again if you persevere.

  2. francis woods

    SEO is something that has been drilled into my brain since I got into business online. I didn’t know what it was and how it affected my business until one day I did some research and found a list of things that I was doing wrong. I corrected them and noticed an almost immediate improvement in sales.


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