Small Business Strategic Planning

Ensuring Your Success by Getting Clear on Where You’re Heading

We have two approaches to business planning and strategy development to suit your personal situation:

Approach 1 – The Quick and Easy Planning Approach- Recommended for Sole Operators and Those Who Don’t Want to Take Option 2 Below

Step 1 – You receive our detailed Distil Business Strategy Planning Brief.

Step 2 – You type your answers into the Brief and send it back to us.

Step 3 – We do a 30 minute recorded session with you where we provide comments and suggestions. (You get a copy of the transcript of this session.)

Step 4 – You amend your answers in the Brief and add action steps. (This then becomes your Business Strategic Plan ready for implementation.)

Step 5 – You start implementing (ie taking the identified action).

Cost – $250 + GST

Optional extra – One month later follow up conference call for 30 mins – cost $95 + GST

Approach 2 – The Multiple Stakeholder Facilitated Workshop ApproachRecommended for Multiple Stakeholders With Sufficient Capital

Step 1 – We agree on desired outcomes, attendees, timeframe, venue, etc.

Step 2 – You review and approve an agenda for the Workshop.

Step 3 – One of our experienced facilitators leads the Workshop for you.

Step 4 – Subject to our agreement, you or we develop a Report of the Workshop which becomes your Strategic Plan.

Step 5 – You begin implementation of the Strategy.

Cost – Free fixed quotes are provided. Cost depends on the amount of planning work required, your location and any follow up work required. But, as a guide, the cost is rarely less than $2,000.

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