Setting and Managing SMART Business and Individual Goals and Objectives

Setting and managing your SMART goals and objectives at all levels is probably the most important step towards improving your business and taking it to the next level.

How can you hope to achieve your destination unless you get crystal clear on where you’re heading?

How can you help the individuals in your business to?

But even just setting SMART objectives is not easy for many businesses and individuals, let alone then managing them.

Benefits of Our SMART Goals & Objectives System

The exact benefits depend on which Modules you chose (see below) but can include:

  • clearer objectives at all 3 levels of the entire Organisation, management and individuals
  • clearer organisational roles with Job Descriptions and objectives
  • clarity on the 6-12 critical areas in your business
  • a clearer organisation chart (if not already clear)
  • engagement and enthusiasm amongst team members
  • simpler and more effective Performance Management
  • a whole picture view of your organisation’s SMART objectives
  • a system for self reporting against objectives
  • a culture more focused on achieving outcomes and taking personal responsibility
  • a cloud based system that will help you manage your objectives at all levels ongoing
  • top down and/or bottom up objectives

Features of Our SMART Goals & Objectives System

  • modular so that you get only what you need and can afford
  • uses our simplified TM Objectives which give you like 90% of the benefits of SMART with 10% of the effort
  • we train you on our system so that you build the knowledge into your business
  • can be done in conjunction with or independent of our facilitated group strategy workshops

Our Programs start from $149 for our off the shelf TM Objectives Setting Program.

Next Step?

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What Are the Modules?

You can chose from one or more of the following:

  • Off The Shelf TM Objectives Program
  • Vision and Organisational Objectives Clarification
  • Critical Areas & Manager Role Agreement
  • Management SMART Objectives Setting
  • Individual SMART or TM Objectives Setting
  • SMART Objectives Management System – its not enough to set great objectives, you need to review and assess them ongoing
  • Simple, Effective Performance Management

Our Step by Step SMART Goals & Objectives Consulting System

Step 1. Initial Call. At no charge, we talk to you and you provide us with a better understanding of your business and needs. At the end of the call, we both assess whether it is worth investing the time to go to Step 2.

Step 2. Needs Establishment Conference. You meet with us (either face to face or online) to help us get a better understanding of your business and needs. Prior to this meeting, you will receive an agenda and a recommendation on who should attend the meeting.

Step 3. Proposal. You receive from us a recommendation of options and costs based on your needs

Step 4. Sign Off and Start. You sign off on the work and we get going. (Steps from here depend on the work but include a measurement and reporting system.)

Next Steps?

To talk to one of our SMART Consultants, contact us


“I can honestly say that I have never seen such an approach produce such positive outcomes.” — Deidre Anderson, CEO, Macquarie University Sport & Recreation

“Just brilliant.” – Malcolm Gunning, CEO, Gunning Commercia; Chair, Kings Cross Business Partnership

“A professional and inspiring presentation. Very impressive.” – Wendy Smith, Client Relationships Manager, Primus Telecom Australia

“It has been a real enlightenment to go through the process.” – John McInerney, Councillor, City of Sydney

“A great contribution to our strategic thinking! We were challenged and enthused and motivated to take the next step. Well done!” – Rosemary Sinclair, Managing Director, Australian Telecommunication Users Group

“I thought the outcomes were going to be good but they far exceeded my expectations.” – Stephen Carnell, fmr General Manager, Kings Cross Business Partnership

“The approach was a wonderful way of getting engagement and ongoing action from the community, business, agencies and government around community and organisational wellbeing.” – Doug Grand, Chair, Kings Cross Licensing Accord; CEO, Sydney Aussie Rules Football Club

“Very impressive” – Professor Craig Mudge, Director, Institute of Innovation, Macquarie University