Small Business Start Up Finances Guide

Step 4 – Consider Your Capital Needs – What? You Mean a Budget?

There are 3 VERY good reasons for developing a budget:

  1. So that you know how much money you will need;
  2. Because it paints a great picture of how you intend to develop your business and therefore goes hand in hand with a great plan or strategy (the starting point for success in any endeavour)
  3. If you need to get a loan or investment

Check out these free resources:

Business Plan and Budget Tool

Online Marketing Strategy Developer

One of the biggest reasons why start up businesses fail is not having enough cash to see them through the early days. This is such a waste of time and money and is easily avoided by getting clear on your cash needs.

Its not nearly as boring or hard as it sounds.

Because every aspect of a business involves a flow of money (either in or out) what a budget forces you to do is to get clear on your plan and how you’re going to make this business a success.

Business planning and budgeting can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.

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