Beyond Bookkeeping New Client Step by Step Implementation System

Once we have agreed on a proposal, we undertake the following work steps. Steps 1-3 are usually completed within a 1 or 2 day period.

  1. Analysis of Your Current System – we develop a complete understanding of your current systems (this usually takes anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days)
  2. Review of Your Unique Bookkeeping Needs and Outcomes – your relevant management and financial staff meet with us to review and get clear on your bookkeeping needs and desired outcomes.
  3. Understanding Your Options – we share with you the benefits and costs of using different bookkeeping software (including the benefits and costs of Xero)
  4. Systems Decision – with any further required input from us, you make a decision on whether to continue with the same bookkeeping software or use a new system (eg Xero)
  5. Annual Plan – if you don’t already have one, we develop an Annual Plan of all your internal and regulatory action items (including Super, BAS, Tax, ASIC and so on).
  6. Implementation – whether you decide to keep your current system or switch, we now move into implementation phase. Depending on your situation, this can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month or more
  7. Review and Adjust – as well as the usual ongoing communication, we suggest regular meetings with management and financial staff to assess progress in comparison with the Agreed Outcomes and adjust delivery where necessary. We agree in advance on the regularity of these meetings and whether they should be face to face, phone or online. (Our clients who are based outside Sydney find that Go To Meeting or Skype sessions work well.)

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