Wistia – Professional Video Hosting Built Specifically for Business

If you’re in small business and haven’t yet engaged in video, then you are losing a LOT of money. The latest in video optimisation and search functionality is Wistia.

Here are the benefits and features:

• Player Controls •
Change the color, size, controls, and thumbnail of your video.
Take full control of how your viewers experience your content. You choose the player controls, the thumbnail, embed behavior, and the colors so that your videos feel like an integrated part of your website.

• No ads! •
Your content belongs to you, not us. No ads. Ever.
No popups, no links to other people’s videos, no links away from your own website. Just your content, free of distractions.

• Private Sharing •
Share and collaborate around video with password-protected security.
Our tools help you manage private content like training videos, paid-access content, and videos that are still in production. Private video sharing lets you control who’s invited, manage what they can see and do, and monitor how they interact with your videos.

• Turnstile Email Collector •
Turn your video into a lead generation machine.
Our Turnstile feature allows you to place an email collector before, after, or at any time during your video. You can store the collected emails in your Wistia account or have us automatically pipe them directly to your favorite email marketing tool. With Turnstile, your videos now directly convert visitors into leads.

• Email Marketing •
Add videos to your email marketing campaigns and know exactly who watched them.
Adding videos to your email newsletters can dramatically improve click-through rates and add a new dimension to your analytics. The email addresses of viewers are automatically passed into your Wistia analytics, allowing you to see exactly who’s watching and how they’re watching it.

• Video Heatmaps & Engagement Graphs •
Track and analyze how individuals watch your video, second by second.
Our engagement analytics help you improve your video marketing by showing exactly how your audience interacts with your content. See where viewers start to drop off and compare videos to learn your audience’s viewing patterns. These lessons can guide you as you re-edit current videos and hone the message of your next video.

• Video SEO •
Tools to improve your site’s SEO, not someone else’s.
Our SEO tools ensure that your videos are found by search engines and that the results point back to your website. We make it a snap to create and maintain video sitemaps, and ensure they are always up-to-date so that Google has the best information about your video content.

• Social Sharing •
Share your videos and track their viewing on your favorite social services.
Post your videos directly to Facebook and Twitter and track their success. Add social buttons to your video so viewers can share and embed it themselves (with the social buttons still attached).

• Wistia Labs •
Experimental integrations, plug-ins, and extensions.
Wistia Labs is where you can find our newest and most experimental video tools. From a Google Analytics integration to pop-up buttons to presentation syncing, we’re always cooking up new tools to make better business video. And if you’re looking for something we haven’t built yet, it’s all open source and well documented to make your developer’s job as easy as possible.

• Audience Trends •
See how your audience is growing over time and exactly what they are watching.
Trends show you which of your videos are most popular over time, all in one graph. For a deeper dive, you can see individual viewers watching in real time. Click on any visitor and see their complete viewing history of your videos over time.

• Call-to-action •
Include a clickable call-to-action at the end of your video.
A viewer watches your video to the end. They’re clearly interested, but now what? In a post-roll call-to-action, you give viewers a clickable link to your product page, to more of your videos, or anywhere you like.

• Playlists •
Embed a whole library of content in a single video player.
Our HTML5 video playlists are a great way to include multiple videos on your website in a single embed. You can even update content in your playlist without needing to touch the code! Playlists are customizable and even have their own API for ultimate flexibility.

• Transcripts •
Pair interactive transcripts or captions with your video to boost SEO and improve accessibility.
Upload your own time-coded transcript or have us create one. Then, make your transcript searchable for your video, or display as captions on top of the video. In both cases, the transcript text will be included with the embed code to help with SEO.

Account set up takes literally 30 seconds and your first 3 videos are free
(although some limitations apply).
So, what are you waiting for. Give it a go. http://wistia.com/

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